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What is TubeANew?

Tube A New is a replacement top for caulk tubes. TubeANew allows you to easily access, and use the unused portion of caulk, sealer, or adhesive, that is trapped when they have hardened in the top of the tube, tip, and or nozzle. With TubeANew, you simply cut off the top of the caulk tube with the old clogged tip or nozzle, place the TubeANew, with a new nozzle, over the original tube, and you are ready to dispense more caulk, sealer or adhesive. TubeANew is also useful when a caulk tube nozzle or tip gets damaged, or you accidentally cut too much off the end. With TubeANew, you will be saving money, making less trips to the hardware store, and putting less toxic waste in the landfills.

With its patent pending design, it works on all standard size caulk tubes. It works on plastic, cardboard, and even metal tubes.

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