The Solution To Clogged Caulk Tubes and Clogged Caulk Tube Nozzles

Tube A New Side View

Tube A New is the solution to clogged caulk tubes and clogged caulk tube nozzles. Don’t you hate throwing away those half full caulk, sealer, and adhesive tubes? Do you hate having to stop in the middle of your project to run to the store when it happens? Tube A New is the first real solution to this problem. It’s like having a brand new tube. See the process in more detail below.

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clogged caulk tubes

The first step to repairing a clogged caulk tube, is having one, or in this case, many.

Cut off top of caulk tube for TubeANew

The next step to using Tube A New is to cut the top section of the caulk tube and nozzle off, exposing the unused portion of the tube.

TubeANew works on Plastic, Metal, and Cardboard Tubes

Once the top is cut off the tube, press the Tube A New firmly onto the original tube. It helps to cut the tip of the Tube A New first, to prevent air pressure from building up during installation.

Tube A New works on Plastic, Metal, and Cardboard tubes.

using a repaired caulk tube

Place your like new tube of caulk, sealer, or adhesive in you caulk gun and you are set. It’s that simple to use. While rare, in some cases the back of the caulk tube will need to be trimmed so that it will fit in the caulk gun.