Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is TubeANew Reusable?

TubeANew was designed to be a one use, disposable product much like a disposable paint brush. Like a disposable paintbrush, there is nothing physically preventing you from cleaning it out and reusing it. However, we strongly discourage you from doing this. If you do choose to reuse a TubeANew, you do so at your own risk. Sure, we want you to buy more, but we also want you to be happy with the product and how it works. If you buy it, thinking it is reusable, there is a good chance you will be disappointed, and we don’t want that. The plastic body of the TubeANew is very thin. This is so it will stretch over the original tube creating a good seal, and there is no way to predict how the TubeANew will perform if reused.

  • What prevents the TubeANew from leaking?

The Tube A New has a patent pending shape that the original tube wedges itself into, completely sealing the tube to the Tube A New. As more pressure is applied with the gun, the tighter the seal gets.

  • What prevents the Tube A New from pushing off the end of the tube?

If you look at a tube with the TubeANew on it, it’s quite common to think it would push right off the end. To understand how it works, you need to envision it in the caulk gun. The caulk gun forces the tube and TubeANew together. The pressure of the content is pushing against the back of the TubeANew, but the front of the caulk gun is countering this force. The caulk tube and the TubeANew are being sandwiched together.

  • Doesn’t the product dry in the tip of the TubeANew, causing the same problem?

Yes, TubeANew is not magic. It’s not another one of those product that claim to stop the problem of curing and hardening in the nozzle. Except for latex products, most of the products that come in Caulk tubes use a chemical reaction to harden. Once the product is exposed to air and moisture a chemical reaction begins. The reaction is not stopped immediately by sealing off the tube with one of those caps, nails, screws, wire nuts, or duct tape. It continues until it consumes the fuel (air and moisture) it was exposed to. That is usually in the nozzles and sometimes partially in the tube, trapping the remaining product. That is why the products and ideas out there to seal the tube after use, don’t work most of the time. Since this problem can’t be prevented, we came up with the next best idea. Cut away the bad part and you can still use the good part. We say it is like having another tube of product. It does not in any way improve the original design, or prevent the same thing from happening, it’s meant to be a solution to an unpreventable problem, and frustration.

Good news though. When it hardens in the tip of the TubeANew, you just cut or pull it off, and install another one, this allows you to continually use the tube, until the entire contents have been used.


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